23 Facts about me !

Yes, today is my Birthday and God knows how much happy I am the 27th April of every year. Today I am a 23 yo young woman, I feel so special and proud in the same time. I always do small through back this day and I am happy with the life I chose and live. To celebrate my day, I decided to share with you 23 facts about me.

1- I was born Tuesday, April 27th 1993 at 10am in Kenitra and I am a Slaouia by origins.

2- I grew up in Casablanca and Damn how much I love Casablanca.

3- I went to the conservatory since I was 6, I am obsessed by Music and Singing.

4- I did choir to learn Arabic and Moroccan Music for 4 years and this was the best period of my life.

5- I studied in ENCG a business school in Casablanca and I graduated last year in Marketing.

6- I’ve never left Morocco just to go to Istanbul twice. The first time for holidays, the second time for studies.

7- I have fear of darkness and pain.

8- I start blogging in 2015 and I am working every day to make it my everyday job.

9- I sing every time I am alone.

10- I am a social media addict and I am not proud of it

11- I am a left hand writer

12- I love spring

13- I am 159cm 🙂 Don’t laugh and Don’t ask me to stand up !

14- I am a red lipstick addict

15- I learned cooking when I came to Istanbul and I am telling you guys, it’s not that difficult.

16- I am crazy in love ! Hmm…

17- I watch Grey’s anatomy and Games of Thrones.

18- I love planning ! A lot ! like… A LOOOOT!

19- I am a 24h Feminist

20- I am a candle lover.

21- I love Moroccan Food and Fast Food

22- I have a dream. Daily vlogging channel 😀

23- I have my own type of Fashion and I am proud of it.

Because sharing is caring !

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