Best ways to learn turkish

Learn turkish: best ways.

Herkese merhabalar, it’s been a while that we want to talk to you about the best ways to learn turkish. We wanted to give you a one general blog post that will be useful to all of you.  After a year of studying, learning, asking and collecting information, ladies and gentlemen here are the best ways to learn turkish. Bring a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy reading…

Learning a foreign language

Learning a new language has a lot of advantages and benefits for our brain, our intellectual growth and our social/personal life.

You become a bilingual or polyglot

Improve yourself career and your resume will shine next to his peers.

You meet new people and culture, especially when travelling.

You keep your Brain health as good as you can.

And of course Polyglots are sexy…

Best ways to learn turkish

Tomer: the turkish version of The British council or Goethe Institut. They aim to teach the foreigners living in Turkey. (And that’s how we learned it)

Movies & Tv shows: Find a website that propose Turkish Movies and Tv Shows subtitled in your language. If you speak arabic, you can watch as much as you can in

YUNUS EMRE: In Rabat, Morocco, you can find Yunus Emre Institute. They propose just the three first levels due to a lack of demand for higher levels.

YOUTUBE CHANNEL: you can find a lot of youtubers that will help you to learn turkish very easily. They go step by step and the videos are short.

As some of you may know, Khawla started a personal blog talking about Lifestyle, Food and Fashion. Do not hesitate to follow her facebook page and blog  “that’s Khawla”.

Hope this blog post will help you and that you enjoyed reading…

Much love.


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