November Coffee breaks

As we promessed last month, we will be sharing with you the best places we went to during the month and especially those we loved the most. During november, we discovered three news places and Khawla talked about one of them in her Saturday night post. If you live here or plan to come on vacation here, this is our Fav’ coffee breaks.


We talk a lot about Starbucks because we love the fact that they have a new different thing every season. And now that December is coming, the christmasy drinks are here and we are in love with the Toffee Nut Latte. Also, since we work every Monday morning at Starbucks, we tried the greek yogurt with red fruits and this is the most delicious/healthy thing you could have for breakfast.

Greek yogurt

Toffee nut Latte


The thing we love the most about this place is that all their products are home made. Icrecream, Sandwiches, Limonatas and desserts. In the same time, it’s all turkish specialty. The red drink in the first picture is Nar Limonata – Grenade limonade. And the dessert in the second picture is Kadayf, we don’t know how to describe it to you but it’s so sweet and delicious.

Baazen tantuni 1 Baazen Tantuni

How to go there


Since we came to Istanbul, everybody told us that the best pastries are in Karakoy. Thanks to our dear friend Hajar who proposed this cosy place. We tried hot chocolate, Cheesecake and Tiramusi and we loved them all. We are planning to visit them again to try more delicious desserts and food also.

Pan KarakoyHow to go there

Saturday night


If you want to study, read, think, rest, or to do all these things that requires a calm area with loving staff. We found it for you !! We were not planning to go there, we were just looking for a place to study in and guess what ? In Istiklal Avenue where everybody is singing and dancing, we found THE place. We also discovered German specialty in pastries, even if german people don’t smile, they eat good.

Alman turk kitabevi

How to go there

We hope that you loved the coffee breaks for this month. If you go to any of them, share with us your pictures and your experience. Thank you for being always here to read what we are sharing with you. You are AWESOME.

Much love.

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