Time to leave… Our Tips.

Time to leave... Our TIps

Bye Morocco and thank you for this warm and happy three months. Now it’s time to pack and leave. Time to say GoodBye to Family and Friends and for us this is the saddest thing about leaving your hometown.

Today we are sharing with you our Tips for the LEAVING Moment.

Bring something that will help you feel like home

It could be family pictures, your teddy bear, some FOOOOOD or anything that gives you a feeling you’re not that far from home.

Plan the next meeting with your family

For us this is so important because once we decide when we are going to meet again. We start talking about it everytime. Flight tickets, things we want from Morocco and what we will be doing when they will come to visit us.

Imagine your life abroad

Go to a new university ! Live in a new house ! Meet new Friends ! And maybe a love story... You are going to mistery, to something new. And this will be full of surprises…beautiful surprises.

Set your new life resolutions

Last year, we took time to make our new life resolutions because we think that once you leave your comfort zone you have to start changing all those things you’re not happy to do or have. Maybe you should start eating healthier or being more organized.

Home is where your heart is

Leaving your Parents and Friends do not make you a bad person. It is an important step in your life to fly with your own wings, to choose the life you want to live and to make your own mistakes. And of course your family and you will always love each other and good friends will always be your eternal friends. 

Hope that our tips will help be as much as it helps us, thanks for reading

Much love

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