Prince’s Island: Aid El-Adha version

Aid moubarek said to all muslims all over the world, we hope you all had such a great moment with your friends and families. Our prayers goes to all those people who cannot celebrate it due to wars, poverty or sickness. Hoping that the upcoming holidays will find us all happy and leaving in a peaceful world.

Our feast day was incredible and different. Something unexpected and you all know how much unexpected things are splendid. We joined some friends to spend the day at the Prince’s Island.

The weather was nice even if the rain visited us a while. We ate a lot, laughed as hard as we could, played games and games, rest from the stressful life of Istanbul and of course took pictures to share with you.

We realized after this day that sometimes you are sad to not spend holidays at home and you end up your day meeting new people, building friendships, discovering new places and living priceless moments.

If you have the opportunity to live differently something you always lived in a same way. Don’t think twice and go for it. Take your life in hand and make your own new habits. 

And of course if you come to Istanbul, spend a day in Prince’s Island and take plenty of pictures to share with us and your friends.

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Time to leave… Our Tips.

Time to leave... Our TIps

Bye Morocco and thank you for this warm and happy three months. Now it’s time to pack and leave. Time to say GoodBye to Family and Friends and for us this is the saddest thing about leaving your hometown.

Today we are sharing with you our Tips for the LEAVING Moment.

Bring something that will help you feel like home

It could be family pictures, your teddy bear, some FOOOOOD or anything that gives you a feeling you’re not that far from home.

Plan the next meeting with your family

For us this is so important because once we decide when we are going to meet again. We start talking about it everytime. Flight tickets, things we want from Morocco and what we will be doing when they will come to visit us.

Imagine your life abroad

Go to a new university ! Live in a new house ! Meet new Friends ! And maybe a love story... You are going to mistery, to something new. And this will be full of surprises…beautiful surprises.

Set your new life resolutions

Last year, we took time to make our new life resolutions because we think that once you leave your comfort zone you have to start changing all those things you’re not happy to do or have. Maybe you should start eating healthier or being more organized.

Home is where your heart is

Leaving your Parents and Friends do not make you a bad person. It is an important step in your life to fly with your own wings, to choose the life you want to live and to make your own mistakes. And of course your family and you will always love each other and good friends will always be your eternal friends. 

Hope that our tips will help be as much as it helps us, thanks for reading

Much love

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Majorelle Garden – Jardin Majorelle

Eid Mubarak Said to all Muslim Community all over the world. During this holidays I had a very special place in my To Visit in Morocco List: Majorelle Garden – Jardin Majorelle.

The Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech is one of the most visited sites in Morocco. It took French painter Jacques Majorelle (1886-1962) forty years of passion and dedication to create this enchanting garden in the heart of the “Ochre City”.

Welcome to the Jardin Majorelle

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Jardin Majorelle 1

Do not hesitate to visit the berber museum, it’s just breathtaking but taking pictures is not allowed.

An Yves Saint Laurent museum will open in Fall 2017.

Know more about Majorelle Garden, its history and all the information related in

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Peace ♥

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Turkish Street Food

Istanbul streets are full of magic and wonders, cats and Big Dogs, children playing Football but the most fascinating thing is Turkish Street Food. Around the world Turkish people are known for their Shawarma or Kebab or what they call here Doner but since we came here we discovered a new concept that we have in Morocco and it exist all over the world but it is just captivating here.

When you walk through the streets of Istanbul, you find tables with everytime a new type of Food. And because we love discovering new things, we tested approximately all what we found next to us.

So if you are a food lover with a lot of courage (sometimes) stay here and enjoy the pictures 😉


A big garnished potatooo, this is our best thing.

turkish street food 4


turkish street food

We don’t know what it really is but this is something to try.

turkish street food 2


A good and delicious fish sandwich with an amazing view.



or The Turkish Pizza,

turkish street food 3

Tavuklu Pilav…

or Rice and Chicken (Sometimes you have also mais) it sounds normal but believe this is something tasty.


This list is not complete, there still many and many kinds of food to add.

If you visit Turkey, do not hesitate to try at least one of this or all of them and don’t forget to share with us your pictures.

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23 Facts about me !

Yes, today is my Birthday and God knows how much happy I am the 27th April of every year. Today I am a 23 yo young woman, I feel so special and proud in the same time. I always do small through back this day and I am happy with the life I chose and live. To celebrate my day, I decided to share with you 23 facts about me.

1- I was born Tuesday, April 27th 1993 at 10am in Kenitra and I am a Slaouia by origins.

2- I grew up in Casablanca and Damn how much I love Casablanca.

3- I went to the conservatory since I was 6, I am obsessed by Music and Singing.

4- I did choir to learn Arabic and Moroccan Music for 4 years and this was the best period of my life.

5- I studied in ENCG a business school in Casablanca and I graduated last year in Marketing.

6- I’ve never left Morocco just to go to Istanbul twice. The first time for holidays, the second time for studies.

7- I have fear of darkness and pain.

8- I start blogging in 2015 and I am working every day to make it my everyday job.

9- I sing every time I am alone.

10- I am a social media addict and I am not proud of it

11- I am a left hand writer

12- I love spring

13- I am 159cm 🙂 Don’t laugh and Don’t ask me to stand up !

14- I am a red lipstick addict

15- I learned cooking when I came to Istanbul and I am telling you guys, it’s not that difficult.

16- I am crazy in love ! Hmm…

17- I watch Grey’s anatomy and Games of Thrones.

18- I love planning ! A lot ! like… A LOOOOT!

19- I am a 24h Feminist

20- I am a candle lover.

21- I love Moroccan Food and Fast Food

22- I have a dream. Daily vlogging channel 😀

23- I have my own type of Fashion and I am proud of it.

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One week in Istanbul

A lot people dream to have a one week in Istanbul but they have to pay a Big Amount to a travel company or a private guide.  But who don’t want to pay less ! We all do ! We are giving you in this article a proposition of activities you can do with transport directions and a small idea about the costing.

Day 1:

Start by Laleli, you will need to convert your money and it is better if you do it there. You can go by Tramway and stop at the Laleli University station.

After Laleli, you have the Grand Bazaar in just 10 minutes walk but pay attention the prices are 3 times the real prices.

In the same place, you have Sultan Ahmet Cami called also the blue mosque and just in front of it you have Hagia Sofia Museum, you can also go to Topkapi Palace Museum.

To visit a lot of Museum, you can buy the museum pass 85TL valid for 5 days (120hours)

Day 2:

We all come to Istanbul with the desire to visit Taksim but let us tell you that this place has a charm day and night. Since you have one week and maybe will not have the opportunity to go there twice, spend all day there.

Do shopping, buy ice cream and chocolate, take the traditional Tramway. Don’t skip any shop, any church and any bookstore. Magic happen there.

Visit Galata Tower, go up and enjoy the view.

How to go there ? Subway and stop at the Taksim metro station.

Day 3:

Go to Cevahir ! You will find a lot of brands, you can eat there, have fun there and have a massage in the chair massage with just 1 TL at the end of the day.

How to go there ? Subway. Stop at the sisli-mecidiyekoy station.

Day 4:

Stop shooping for a moment because it’s time for some ramble.

Take the ferry from Karakoy and head to Kadikoy. You have Moda Sahili where you can do a picnic and have the most beautiful Sunset.

And for night time, Visit Hasan Usta for an amazing waffle (15TL) and have a walk in the large avenue where you can find trendy people and attractive shops with interesting gadgets.

Day 5:

Visit the Spice Bazaar where you can find fabrics, spices and baklava, the bridge of Eminonu has one of the best views in Istanbul and don’t leave the place without a Balik Ekmek; the fabulous fish sandwich (8TL)

You can go there by tramway and stop at the Eminonu station.

Day 6:

The asian part is breathtaking, less buildings more greenery. You can have a walk there, take a Sahlep and a simit in front of bosphorus or even go to Kiz Kulesi by vapur.

You can go to Uskudar from Besiktas Harbour, it takes 5min.

Day 7:

Last but no least, ladies and gentlemen, this is our favorite part. We love and adore to walk in Bebek because the houses are chic, people are stylish and where the vibes are classy.

The other thing you can do in this region is to go to Ortakoy and eat a tasty Kumpir (15TL). Visit the Ortakoy mosque because the view from the inside is just peaceful.

You can go there by bus from Besiktas.

We hope that you liked the One Week In Istanbul. If you try something from this list don’t forget to share it with us.

And we are waiting for you on our Facebook Page here !

Much love.

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