STOP BEING LAZY !! It’s an order

Why ?

Life is too short to be spent in Bed! Some people are dying in a very young age and it can be you so move your A** and TRY SOMETHING NEW

This world need people who act,  Be the actor of your life. Take the lead.

How ?

Organize your time,try to find a moment every morning to write the main things you have to do in your day. It will help you be more organised and action oriented.

“Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself” Edmund Lee

Eat healthy and do some sport every day ! Because your brain, your heart and especially your stomach needs some motivation to help you be motivated.

This is what we are doing recently !

Things to do :

Volunteer !! Do some voluntary work, Go and be part of an association, an organisation, a community. You’ll have new friends, new experience and will live out of your comfort zone.

Watch some TED talks, they will give you a slap on your face. And will help you try to do something new

Set goals to achieve and live with them. Let them kill you. Let them be your reason to live.

And don’t forget…


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Quick and healthy Food ideas !

This is 3 reasons why you should Stay  or leave !

Reason 1 : Like us, you’re working and eating outside everyday.

Reason 2 : You’re cooking for yourself but it takes you so much time to do.

Reason 3 : You’re going fat, like so FAAAT ! And summer is coming so you want to eat healthy without starving.

YAAAY ! You’re still here…this article is made for YOU !

Here is 3 yummy/good lunches and desserts to fill your belly



Everybody love Pasta and since it’s taking less than 30 minutes and no need for a cheef it’s easy 

Put 125G of Pasta in hot water with oil, salt and Pepper.

Make in a pan a tomato sauce

Blend the Pasta with the tomato sauce Tuna can 

And Cheeeese 


You will not find a better way to mix pleasure with lunch 

2 toasts
cream cheese
1 tomato 
green salad

you mix tuna and cream cheese, we usually  use Jebli Garlic. Add salt and pepper with a little bit of olive oil, and enjoy ! ( you will Mehdi for this one)

Nuggets and salad

4 chicken nugets
2 potatoes 
2 Tomatoes

It’s tasty, easy and healthy.



1 Apple 
2 Frozen Banana
1 Lemon
1 Coffee spoon of Cinnamon 

Chocolate and Banana Milk shake 

500ml Milk 
2 frozen Bananas
2 Table spoon of Chocolate syrups or just NUTELLA *-*
1 Table spoon of Honey
1 Coffee spoon of Cinnamon 

Fruit and perly

As simple as you can imagine 😀

Cut all the fruit you have in the fridge and melt it with Perly. 

Tasty and so energytic. 

If you like cooking, please share with us your recipes because sometimes, we are running of ideas.

You can join us in all the social media… See you there <3 
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This is for you, Ladies.

For the women’s day, AsfarwithUs Team received a wonderful statement about the women.

We choose for you the most touching, amazing and funny ones.

We are not translating their words because they put heart and soul in it.

Otman Lambarki 

On ne peut pas écrire Il sans l, c’est pourquoi il ne peut vivre sans elle.

Saad Fkihi

Une société quelle qu’elle soit aujourd’hui ne peut fonctionner que grâce à vous. Femmes de toutes les professions et de toutes les origines. Merci d’éduquer nos enfants et de parfaire leurs manières. Merci d’être des acteurs dans la vie professionnelle et civile. Merci à vous pour tout ce que vous faites et êtes, bien qu’une journée ne suffise pas pour ce faire. 

Youness Hadi 

أحيانا تأخذنا العزة ب”ذكوريتنا” نحن الرجال فننسى أو نتناسى أننا ولدنا من أمهات نساء، وأن للأم علينا فضل التربية والتعلم والمتابعة وتلقين القيم الأولية للحياة،باعتبارهن أمهات وربات أسر، وأستاذات، وطبيبات، وفلاحات، ومثقفات، ومقاولات، ونقابيات، وعسكريات، وقاضيات، وغير ذلك من المهن والوظائف وأن لزوجاتنا دور مهم في توجيه حياتنا واستقرارها، وأن جل مشاهير التاريخ كانت وراءهم امرأة سواء في دورهم السلبي أو الايجابي في تاريخ البشرية.

Ayoub Fadla 

You create my happiness, made the life easier. Thank you for being this best part of my existence! I doubt that I’ll stand one day without you.

Mehdi Amarouch

Prendre une journée par an afin de remercier la femme n’est guère suffisant vu la grande place qu’elle occupe dans une famille, un couple ou encore un métier. Pilier de l’humanité. La fête des femmes doit être célébrée chaque jour que dieu fait. 

وراء كل رجل عظيم إمرأة عظيمة .
So here you are ladies, Happy International women’s day, may god bless you
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Things to do : Morning person

The eighth thing we want to do in 2015 and to be diligent on is to WAKE UP EARLY. Life is too short to be spent in a bed that’s why we decided to share with you 5 things to do that will motivate you to become a morning person.

– And we’re also working so hard to keep up the pace 😀

Salat alfajr 

How awesome is to pray and thank Allah for all the beautiful things he gave us. Salat Alfajr was such a great motivation to wake up every morning and start the day with a spiritual moment.
Also, at this moment of day, the body is prepared for the secretion of the most energitic hormone : Cortisol.

Inner peace time

In a world full of war and hate, peace has become a stranger to our daily lifes that’s why we decided to start practicing yoga or meditation.

But the timing is so important and since in the evening we are taken by family and work, the morning is the perfect time to meditate and talk to our souls.

Here are some links where you can find a whole session of yoga and meditation :

And if you try these methods or you have a new one, share with us your experience.

Dressed to the nines  

Why wake up at 7:30 am and go as a zombie or a bum at work when you can just wake up at 6:30 am, take a shower, choose the most suitable outfit for the day and even makeup for girls.

Have a healthy breakfast

We all wake up with such an annoying appetit, we are hungry but not any hunger. Believe us, you can prepare wonders in 15 minutes, what could be more delicious than juice, toasts and omelettes for breakfast. NOTHING.

Do some exercice

You have to know that waking up early to do some sports can be an extrem motivation. You will spend your day happy, energitic and productive.

We tried this for you : 
Buff Dudes
Tiffany Rothe 

So adjust your alarm at 6 or 6:30 am and tell us what was your motivation among these five.
And if you have other things to do when you wake up early ! Share with us

And don’t forget, SHARING is CARING

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About Us

Our names are Khawla and Mehdi, Moroccan bloggers living currently in Istanbul for one year to learn Turkish, amazing isn’t it ?!

Khawla majored in Marketing and Mehdi in trade, we love our studies but we love blogging more.

We love also being on Youtube, reading Blogs, walking around this city, watching movies, cooking, Game of thrones, Shameless, Volunteering and reading books. We are also  PInterest addicted.

We are AIESECers since 2013 and we are so proud of it. We moved from LC Les Ambassadeurs in Morocco to LC Istanbul in Turkey and the experience is just amazing.

We are also in AGPE-Junior and if you don’t know what does it mean, you can click just here.

In 2014, we made a 100 days of happiness challenge on Facebook and it was such a great experience.

So we decided to extend the idea to a blog and share with people from all over the world our opinions, our lifes and every thing we discover and mainly the experience we are living every day.

We are running this blog now since January 2015 and we love it so much.

We love hearing from you too and converse with you is just our first wanted thing behind this blog.

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15 goals in our bucket list for 2015

We used to make a bucket list every year and since this is our first year of blogging we decided to share with you 15 thinks we want to do or achieve by the end of 2015.

1- Donate blood more often, this year Morocco knew a shortage of blood so we want to help as much as we can do

2- Take a photo everyday. Not necessarly our faces but 
something beautiful that we’ll meet.

3- Read 100 book.

4- Give a homeless person a present, either in Christmas or Achoura, the goal is to make people happy.

5- Build a good relation with Allah.

6- Cook for family more often, ’cause it’s help you to learn and since we are in Morocco it’s worth it.

7- Watch masterpiece movies, who don’t want to watch or rewatch Gladiator, Persepolis or Philanthropy.

8- Wake up earlier with a reason. الفياق بكري بذهب مشري

9- Love the nature

10- Discover everything around us, BE curious.

11- Go outside because the magic happen there !

12- Write letters to friends, because it’s so cute and meaningful 

13- Think BIG.

14- Smile

15- Give more than what we receive

Because sharing is caring !

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