Tea or Coffee ?!

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In the discovery bar we have the place to be during snowy days, Teaorcoffee is a small place with a friendly staff and awesome prices (we had a discount because of snow, let it snow all the life haha). Like every saturday, we went for a new discovery and thanks to Hajar who recommanded this place.

With all the stress Istanbul is living lately, we needed a cosy moment in a local place. So TeaorCoffee was THE adress. We tasted the hot chocolate with Marshmallows and sweet peanuts, it was so delicious. They are also serving desserts, sandwichs and a Moroccan mint tea that we had not the chance to drink yet but we will come back soon.

For you, tourists reading that, the people working there speak english very well and the place is near to Istiklal Avenue.


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